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We serve a broad range of clients, from global corporations to local enterprises, helping them make informed, decisions about their real estate.

OFFICE-ISHIGAKI creates opportunities that meet our clients’ most demanding real estate challenges. With proprietary market intelligence, a team passionately focused on creating exceptional outcomes and the Ishigaki island’s most powerful service offering, we deliver the complete spectrum of strategic advisory and transaction services across all property types.
Wealthier "Millionaire" with assets of over 1 million dollars (about 110 million yen) is expected to surpass Europe in China and Asia-Pacific by 20 times to 19 times in 1924...
"As Asia accumulates wealth, more money will be spent on tourism."The increasing number of wealthy people who can afford to enjoy the resort is behind the willingness to invest in the Yaeyama area.
Why did foreigners start buying land?It was the depreciation of the yen that started in 2005 that stimulated investor sentiment.When viewed by foreigners in their own currencies, Japanese assets appeared to be cheap.

Looking at the “real effective exchange rate index” = on the graph, which shows the relative value of the Japanese yen to foreign currencies, from the 1990s to 2005, the yen was at a level of more than 100, but since 2005Head towards a sharp depreciation of the yen.After the Lehman shock in 2008, the yen recovered to a slightly higher level, but since 2013, when the Bank of Japan began to ease another dimension, the yen has been weakening further.

Ishigaki island’s real estate market is trends in global property sales.


Agricultural land
        Buildings cannot be built because they are agricultural land
Farmland/Forest 6,670,000yen
Annotation 1坪 = 3.306㎡
【石垣市字名蔵 山林2,668坪】 
Field, wilderness, forest 38,960,000yen
【石垣市崎枝赤崎 畑・原野山林6,493坪】 
Used house
Residential villa land
Residential land 9,150,000yen
【石垣市新川阿香花 宅地(原野)73.20坪】
Located on a hill with sea view. 10 minutes to town
Villa and residential land 22,000,000yen
【石垣市桴海 宅地・原野他 396.16坪】 
2019/12/21 Villa and residental land 27,500,000yen
【石垣市宮良 原野・保安林 334.73坪】
Bordering the beach
2019/08/25 Villa and residential land 45,000,000yen
【石垣市宮良 原野 759.27坪】
2019/11/25 Villa and residential land 16,500,000yen
【石垣市川平 原野 240.49坪】
Land where the sea can be seen
Resort land
Land for villa /resort facilites 101,000,000yen
5km from Ishigaki Airport
Land for villa / resort facilities Price talk
【石垣市登野城 農振除外地15,862坪を含む36,500坪】
Land for villa / resort facilities 50,000,000yen
【竹富島1,014坪】 1000m to the beach
Land for villa / resort facilities 40,495,000yen
【石垣市川平899坪】 900m to the beach
Commercial land
Land for large commercial facilitiesIshigaki city area 
Please contact us directly by phone or email.This information is confidential.
Person in charge: Matsuoka

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