Why do not you run along the island with Ishigajima paradise southern with Kumanomi-Renta-car, If you run the island leisurely with car rental or motorcycle, surely your watch will be set at island time, The sun will suit you in Okinawa, I hope the weather will be nice day too.

Your smile is our pleasure.

"Kumanomi rental Cars,Scooters & Bicycles service" A English site
Feel the sea breeze,and then Your clock will set to Island time.
Time ticks more slowly on this island so unplug your self and have a relaxing time!
Ishigaki Island is surrounded by coral reef and crystal clear seawater, beautiful mountains and amazing scenery.
Just rent a car,scooter,bicycle and explore for yourself!
We can give you maps and provide help should you have any questions problems.
We aim to provide cheap and easy rental cars ,scooters & bicycles service to the visitors from abroad and from Japan in Ishigaki Island,Okinawa.

Travelers from Taiwan, Hong Kong,China,Southeast Asian countries,African countries,Middle Eastern countries and Western Europe are also welcome!

Travelers all over the world are our customers.

"Route to Our Rental company"
Our Rental shop located 15km away from Ishigaki Airport.Then We not able to provide pick up service to Ishigaki airport.
Local buses run every 15minites from Airport to City center.  
Please take Azuma Bus 【 Azuma Bus Line10 :Art hotel-ANA intercontinental】and exit the bus at Art hotel and then can walk to our shop If you walk 5 minutes.

※There’s also another line on route to City center【Azuma Bus Line4 :Via Hirae,Oohama,Shiraho】and exit the bus at"Ishugaki Bus terminal" and then My company staff will pick you up at Bus terminal.

  google map

Pick up service for customer who rent more 24hrs
We provide Pick up service from Bus terminal and Ferry Terminal for Customers who rent more 24hrs.(expect Bicycle/Power-Assisted Bicycle)

Give us a call from Bus terminal or Ferry Terminal,we will pick you up within 10-15mins.
We will pick you up at the hotel in the center of the city.
  Bat, We can not go far away such as Miyara,Shiraho,Kabira,Itona,Ibaruma,Inoda,Hirakubo,Etc.

In order to drive a car in Japan "international driver's license" is necessary.

Car rental agreement Please be sure to check

【please note】
We do not lend cars to Chinese customers at international driver's license issued by the government of the Philippines.
Recently, an international driver's license counterfeited in the Philippines has been circulating in Japan, but we can not judge the truth of the driver's license

Since the consumption tax in Japan was increased from October 1, 2019, the price was revised.

A vehicle type and rental fee money

We also have bicycle for childs)
3hours  500yen
24hours 1200yen

You can only use in City Center Area
 (Due to Poor Road conditions you cant NOT take a ride on the outskirts of the city)

3hours  1500yen
am9 to pm6 2300yen(in business hours)+Safety Pack500yen
24hours 2500yen+Safety Pack500yen
This includes a helmet & raincoat

Scooter for 2persons (100cc/125cc)
3hours 3000yen
am9 to pm6 4000yen(in business hours)+Safety Pack500yen
24hours 4500yen+Safety Pack500yen

※This includes a helmet & raincoat

Big Scooter (250cc)
am9 to pm6 5500yen(in business hours)+Safety Pack500yen
24hours 6500yen+Safety Pack500yen

This includes a helmet & raincoat

Motorbike-HONDA FTR(223cc) or HONDA CB250F
am9 to pm6 5500yen(in business hours)+Safety Pack500yen
24hours 6500yen+Safety Pack500yen
This includes a helmet & raincoat

Motorbike-SUZUKI intruder(400cc)   YAMAHA Dragster(400cc)
am9 to pm6 6500yen(in business hours)+Safety Pack500yen
24hours 8000yen+Safety Pack500yen
※This includes a helmet & raincoat
Tax and basic insurance included(Disclaimer compensation is NOT included)
Rental car

All cars are fully equipped with a navigator for free of charge in a car.

compact car(4-passenger)
am9 to pm6 4000yen(in business hours)
24hours 5000yen+Safety Pack 500yen
Overtime 1100yen /Hour

am9 to pm6 5000yen(in business hours)
24hours 6000yen+Safety Pack500yen
Overtime 1100yen /Hour

Standard-B(7or8-passenger car)
am9 to pm6 8500yen(in business hours)
24hours 11000yen+Safety Pack500yen
Overtime 1100yen /Hour

Long-term discount
Standard-A(Weekly) 28000Yen
Standard-A(Monthly) 65850Yen
Standard-B/C(Weekly) 46680Yen
Standard-B/C(Monthly) 108000Yen
Flat tire repair fee will be at customer's expense from Day2
During Peak tourist season(March- October) We not able to rent our vehicles no longer than 6days.

Please rent a car full of gasoline and return it.
It is a practice in Japan to refill the rental car's gasoline and return it.
There are two kinds of gasoline in Japan.Please refuel "regular gasoline".

There are some people trying to return the car by putting gasoline in 500 to 1000 yen without filling up the gasoline.
Such acts are strictly prohibited.

Please be sure to fill in gasoline with "Eneos" in front of our shop.
Putting in other stores is forbidden.Meiryo UI
Please be sure to obtain a fueling certificate (receipt) at "Eneos".

Japanese Drivers License or International Driving Permit required to rent our vehicles.(except Bicycles)
"international driver's license"
This information is subject to change without prior notice.
Please return our vehicles within our business hours(AM9-PM6)
If you not able to return by PM6, you can drop our vehicles at our office with full tank of gas.
Gas station will be close by PM8:30 so please return before PM8:30.
Please make advance payment by Cash or Credit card.

Kawahira Bay Grass Boat Discount Coupon

Ishigakijima (Ishigaki Island) is in Yaeyama islands and Yaeyama islands are located at latitude 24 degrees 2 minutes to 25 degrees 55 minutes, 122 degrees 56 minutes to 124 degrees 34 minutes and composed of 30 plus small, big islands (12 habitat islands, 20 desert islands) in the southwestern edge close to Taiwan of Southwestern islands, and Yonaguni island is located in the westernmost in our country, Hateruma island is located in the southernmost among habitat islands in our country.  
For the climate, belonging to the semi-tropical climate, it is warm as the average temperature of the year at 24.0, and high humidity at 77%. Because of influence of the Kuroshio Current (Black Stream) flowing around Yaeyama islands, the change in temperature is small throughout a year. Ishigaki city is located in 411km from Naha, 1,018km from Kagoshima, and 1,952km from Tokyo and 278km from a neighbor country Taiwan (Taipei city). Ishigaki city is composed of 13 islands such as Ishigaki Island, the Senkaku islands and others. 
Ishigaki Island is the third largest island following the main island of Okinawa and Iriomote island. The perimeter of the island with its shape from northeast to southeast is about 162.2km (According to Okinawa prefecture “ knowledge, trip, residence, Remote island general information site, Okinawas' islands). It has the highest mountain Mt. Omotodake (526m) in Okinawa, and subtropical trees in the mountains and sugar cane fields, pastures in the plains spread. Meanwhile, the world' s most popular sea with blue coral in Kabira bay and Shiraho is marvelous. 

The Kabira bay is granted the highest rank of three stars sightseeing spot by Michelin Green Michelin, green guide Japon. 
About 88% of population of Yaeyama area is concentrated in Ishigaki Island and it is a center of government, finance and culture. The core places are Ishigaki port and urban area in the south edge, where bus routes and regular liners for Iriomote Island, Taketomi Island and other islands arrive at and depart from. The urban area is urbanized such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and convenient stores, but if you move one step to the resident area, you can see some red roof tile houses, subtropical colorful flowers and strong green Common garcinia. You can feel the relaxed South Ryukyu life. The arcade in the center of the urban area is one of the placed we want to visit. In the public market vegetables, fish and food stuffs of Yaeyama are displayed close together.  As there are many rare things grown in subtropical zone, you can come into contact with Yaeyama life culture. 

Snorkelling equipment rental

1. Insurance and Compensation

The customer (the renter and the driver at the time the vehicle is handed over) will be responsible for paying any damages he/she causes to a third party or our shop as a result of an accident. Insurance coverage is provided to cover liability for damages up to the maximum amount listed in the chart below. Deductibles however, will be borne by our customer.

Compensation for third party bodily injury
(Bodily Injury / Death)


Include Automobile Liability Insurance.

Compensation for property damage
(Damage to Car / Object)

2 million yen

Driver needs to cover up to 50,000yen.

Compensation for automobile
(Damage to Rent-a-car)


Driver needs to cover up to 100,000yen.

Compensation for bodily injury
(Bodily injury / Death)

5 million yen

Up to 5 million yen per passenger applied only during driving.

Coverage will be provided to passengers bodily injury caused by an accident (incl. death and permanent disability), regardless if the driver was at fault.
(Maximum coverage of 5 million yen: calculated based on criteria from the insurance contract and includes the cost of treatment.)

2. What is Deductible

Deductible is the amount that the customer must pay out of own pocket before the insurer will waive any property / vehicle damage caused.

Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)】(per 24 hours incl. tax

Our customer will be waived from paying any liabilities arising from property damage in case of an accident. However the system may apply only to the first accident in case of multiple incidents (more than 2 accidents) in the same car rental contract. The customer may not add or cancel C.D.W. after completion of the contract.

Collision Damage Waiver

[Compensation for property damage]

Safety Pack500All vehicle classes

Collision Damage Waiver

[Compensation for automobile]

Safety Pack1,000smallnormal vehicle classes,4seats and 5seats car

Safety Pack1,500big vehicle classes,7seats and 8seats car

3. Non-Operation Charge (N.O.C.)

The customer will be responsible for paying our shop for part of the lost revenue when the vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to an accident, theft or damage (not attributed to the fault of our shop) shown in the chart below, regardless of the extent of the damage or how long the repair work takes.

Vehicle in movable condition (possible to drive back to rental office)

Safety Pack20,000

Vehicle in non-movable condition (impossible to drive back to rental office)

Safety Pack50,000

The customer will be required to pay this amount even if enrolled in the vehicle and personal damages protection plan.

The customer is responsible for paying towing charges, etc. if applicable.
Safety Pack (500Safety Pack/24hrs) compensates N.O.C.

4. Instances not covered by insurance

Insurance coverage will not be provided in case of an accident caused by the following conditions or driving habits.

  1. Driving while intoxicated or driving without a license.
  2. Type damage, flat type or loss of wheel cover.
  3. Failure to notify the police from the scene of the accident.
    if an accident certificate from the police cannot be obtained.
  4. Failure to notify the rental car outlet from the scene of the accident.if accident occurs after our office hours, please notify the rental outlet first thing the next morning.
  5. When not wearing a seat belt while driving.
  6. When a friendly settlement is reached with others involved in the collision.
  7. When operating the vehicle off of normal roads, such as on the beach, river bank or forest.
  8. Damages caused by misusage / mishandling of the vehicle.
  9. Driving with more than the maximum number of passengers allowed.
  10. An accident caused by someone other than the driver or the co-driver on the rental car agreement.
  11. Damage to the interior of the vehicle.
  12. When using the vehicle in violation of the conditions stated in the rental car agreement.
  13. An accident excluded from the liability coverage of the insurance agreement.
  14. Other incidences of serious driver negligence.(speeding or running a red light, etc.)
  15. Loss of keys.


You must have International drivers' license or Japanese license with the "A" square next to your photo stamped to rent a Car or Scooter.

Just send us an e-mail for information on reserving a Rental Cars,Scooters & Bicycles.
You may also contact us by telephone at 090-6862-0755

Kumanomi rental Cars,Scooters & Bicycles service
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Right across from ENEOS(Gas station) Hirakawa

TEL : 090-6862-0755 / FAX : 0980-87-5999

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