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Ookawa 551-1 Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa
Office : 150m / Sangyodori goes along the east in front of gJapan Airlines Yaeyama hotelh
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A privately-organized tourism association Ishigaki island
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Welcome to Ishigaki island
It is the central island in Yaeyama Islands located about 420km from Naha city. There is highest mountain gOmotodakeh(Altitude 526m) in Okinawa Prefecture. It is mostly famous place for diving, the geographical feature of the whole island is also rich in mountainous formations, rivers, and many other scenic attractions. There are 12 uninhabited islands around this island. In the Northern shore of the island, there are numerous coral reefs, it can be said as the precious place, even if it looks globally. It is called as gthe poetic countryh, gthe song islandh, gthe dancing villageh, and there is the various festivals, which inherits cultural tradition is held in every places still now. On the other hand, dispatching the peace mind as a base city at the southernmost tip in Japan, and the international culture city to open in Asia is aimed at.

I planned a tour to guide culture of Yaeyama and untouched nature.
From a family of a child companion to a middle age group of a great many people, I guide culture nature of Yaeyama broadly and visit the sea of azure blue it shines, and to shine, and a mangrove takes a walk through a tideland growing thick, and it is a guide of a trip to meet true Ishigaki-jima Island where I was not able to meet by the conventional "sightseeing tour" that does not appear in a sightseeing pamphlet.

Tour menu

yDaytime coursez

1.beach entry experience snorkel course
For "guide 6.5 hours (for from 8:30 to 15:00) entrusting you" \8,000/primary schoolchild \6,000 non-school child: Free.
If you participated in this tour that can experience culture and nature of Yaeyama, you are tame with a knowledgeable person of Yaeyama.
Entrance charges of lunch charges / an other institution are necessary particularly.
If there is hope, supper guides you at local popular ham joint and Okinawa restaurant, a bar.

2.boat going snorkel course
For "guide 10 hours (for from 8:30 to 17:30) entrusting you" \10,000/primary schoolchild \6,000 non-school child: Free.

I send it after the-limited menu tour end to a hotel in the summer I boat in a clean popular sea area and perform it to a leaf edge (the edge of coral reef), and to do a snorkel of the Ishigaki of the Ishigaki-jima Island northern part best coral reef 17F30 Hotel return.

3.Ishigaki-jima Island / Taketomi-jima Island 2 Islands tour guide
For "Ishigaki-jima Island / Taketomi-jima Island 2 Islands tour guide" ten hours (for from 8:30 to 16:30) \15,000 /primary schoolchild half price non-school child: Free.
This course is a luxurious course to surround Ishigaki-jima Island and Taketomi-jima Island 2 Islands in a day.
It is an amount of money of Taketomi-jima Island coming and going passage / travel accident insurance charges / lunch health drink charges / rent-a-bicycle charges etc. including everything,This is a very bargain rate.

4.Iriomote Island day return tour guide
For "Iriomote Island day return tour guide" ten hours (for from 8:30 to 18:30) \20,000/primary schoolchild half price non-school child: Free.
It is an amount of money of Iriomote-jima Island coming and going passag / rent-a-car / Jungle Cruise ship of Urauchi river / lunch / the car which a water buffalo pulls to Yufu-jima Island etc. including everything,This is a very bargain rate.

5.The secret island Panari day return tour snorkel tour of the last left in Yaeyama Islands
For "The secret island Panari day return tour" eight hours (for from 9:30 to 17:30) \18,000/primary schoolchild half price non-school child: Free.
I packed coming and going passage / lunch / a snorkel tool rental entirely.

6.heated camping course
For"heated camping course" 27 hours (9:00 or more 12:00, the following day) \16,000/primary schoolchild half price non-school child: Free.
You can observe a light of the moon and a lot of stars when I camp at the quiet natural beach of Yaeyama, and it is it in a very happy memory.
The evening of the day appetite / next day breakfast sticks to this course, and this place prepares a heavy tent or camping tool entirely and because the staff who fitted camping does going together (I stay by a tent), a family of a camping beginner and a small child companion is relieved and can participate.

yA night (play at night) coursez
Let's go for night adventure. It is a shame that there is the night of a south island at a hotel.

1.Ishigaki-jima Island night watching
For"Ishigaki-jima Island night watching" three hours (for from 17:30 to 20:30) \5,000 /primary schoolchild half price non-school child: Free.
I match it with nightfall and leave a hotel at the night. And let's observe a night view of Ishigaki-jima Island from "Mt.Banna" or "Mt.Mansei" after having seen the sights of the splendid setting sun. I can observe a star falling from the sky being Yaeyama.

A special mention matter

If our staff goes to a hotel to meet you, and a tour is over, I send it to a hotel and do it.
The smallest participation number of people is two people.
Please reserve it by the day before.(please contact me over an email or a telephone.)
By weather, there is a situation of time / contents change / cancellation.
Please prepare a cut van and disinfectant, and a person with child come for sense light.
Please pay a guide rate to the staff at the time of arrival / meeting directly.
Please refrain from cancellation of the day and ask for communication of cancellation as possible early.
A guide rate assumes more than junior high student an adult rate, and it is the price for travel accident insurance charges including everything.

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