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Welcome to Ishigaki island

Ishigakijima (Ishigaki Island) is in Yaeyama islands and Yaeyama islands are located at latitude 24 degrees 2 minutes to 25 degrees 55 minutes, 122 degrees 56 minutes to 124 degrees 34 minutes and composed of 30 plus small, big islands (12 habitat islands, 20 desert islands) in the southwestern edge close to Taiwan of Southwestern islands, and Yonaguni island is located in the westernmost in our country, Hateruma island is located in the southernmost among habitat islands in our country.  
For the climate, belonging to the semi-tropical climate, it is warm as the average temperature of the year at 24.0, and high humidity at 77%. Because of influence of the Kuroshio Current (Black Stream) flowing around Yaeyama islands, the change in temperature is small throughout a year. Ishigaki city is located in 411km from Naha, 1,018km from Kagoshima, and 1,952km from Tokyo and 278km from a neighbor country Taiwan (Taipei city). Ishigaki city is composed of 13 islands such as Ishigaki Island, the Senkaku islands and others. 
Ishigaki Island is the third largest island following the main island of Okinawa and Iriomote island. The perimeter of the island with its shape from northeast to southeast is about 162.2km (According to Okinawa prefecture g knowledge, trip, residence, Remote island general information site, Okinawas' islands). It has the highest mountain Mt. Omotodake (526m) in Okinawa, and subtropical trees in the mountains and sugar cane fields, pastures in the plains spread. Meanwhile, the world' s most popular sea with blue coral in Kabira bay and Shiraho is marvelous. 

The Kabira bay is granted the highest rank of three stars sightseeing spot by Michelin Green Michelin, green guide Japon. 
About 88% of population of Yaeyama area is concentrated in Ishigaki Island and it is a center of government, finance and culture. The core places are Ishigaki port and urban area in the south edge, where bus routes and regular liners for Iriomote Island, Taketomi Island and other islands arrive at and depart from. The urban area is urbanized such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and convenient stores, but if you move one step to the resident area, you can see some red roof tile houses, subtropical colorful flowers and strong green Common garcinia. You can feel the relaxed South Ryukyu life. The arcade in the center of the urban area is one of the placed we want to visit. In the public market vegetables, fish and food stuffs of Yaeyama are displayed close together.  As there are many rare things grown in subtropical zone, you can come into contact with Yaeyama life culture. 

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