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Take a ride on our Cars,Scooters, Bicycles and you’ll feel the wind of Ishigaki island. You will notice that the time passes by slowly in Ishigaki.

We aim to provide cheap and easy rental cars ,scooters & bicycles service to the visitors from abroad and from Japan in Ishigaki Island ,Okinawa.

Ishigaki Island is surrounded by coral reef and crystal clear seawater, beautiful mountains and amazing scenery.
Just rent a car,scooter,bicycle and explore for yourself!
We can give you maps and provide help should you have any questions/problems.

A vehicle type and rental fee money

Rental Bicycle(We also have bicycle for childs)
3hours                500yen
24hours               1000yen

Rental Scooter(50cc)
am9 to pm6            1800yen(in business hours)
24hours              2000yen

This includes a helmet & raincoat

Rental Scooter(100-125cc)
am9 to pm6            3500yen(in business hours)
24hours              4000yen

※This includes a helmet & raincoat

Rental Scooter(250cc)
am9 to pm6            4500yen(in business hours)
24hours          5500yen

This includes a helmet & raincoat

Rental Scooter(400cc)
am9 to pm6            5000yen(in business hours)
24hours          6500yen

This includes a helmet & raincoat

Rental car

Light car (Compact car  4-passenger)
24hours      4000yen
Overtime     1050yen /Hour

Regular car (5-passenger)
24hours       5500yen
Overtime     1050yen /Hour

large car (wagon 7-passenger)
24hours       8800yen
Overtime     1200yen /Hour

large car (wagon 8-passenger)
24hours       9500yen
Overtime     1200yen /Hour

You must have International drivers' license or Japanese license with the "A" square next to your photo stamped to rent a Car or Scooter.


Just send us an e-mail kumanomi@yaeyamaocean.com for information on reserving a Scooter.
You may also contact us by telephone at 090-6862-0755

Kumanomi rental Cars,Scooters & Bicycles service
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